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not going..

I totally messed up my Vegan MOFO...

and not even because I was not cooking or taking pictures...I cook everyday, and take pictures (since the camera is back) of almost everything...

but living here...no, surviving here...it just takes all my time!

hopefully the situation will improve when our new house is finished,  we have two laptops and some kind of Internet available :p

until then I´m putting this blog on hold.

manteca de cerdo aka lard

OMG! Spain is a CRAZY country!

traditional Spanish cookies might not have any eggs or milk in them but they add PIG FAT instead!

So, if you are planning to visit Spain ... BEWARE! LARD might show up in ingredients of products you least expect!

If your husband is sick...

What would a good (Russian) wife do if her husband got sick??

She would make him a Ginger Tea Fusion Soup!!!


Veggies: celery, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, mung bean sprouts, seaweed
Spices: ginger, anise seeds, black pepper

Boil water, add chopped ginger (can be big pieces), cook for about 5 minutes, add anise seeds, cook for about 1 minute. Add pepper and then all the veggies. Cook for about 3 minutes. Add salt. Your immune system boost soup is ready!

And guess what...Jay's found the camera!!! and he's not sick anymore ;)

Ok, ok...maybe many have already reposted this

9 products you did not know had animal ingredients!

(even me myself in FB) but still...

OMG! It's so freaky!

I knew about the glue, cosmetics (that's why we have vegetarian guides to cosmetic and cruelty-free products, isn't it?) but SUGAR!!! Tires!!! Plastic BAGS!!!AAAAAAAAA!

Vegetarian vs. Vegan

's last post really made me think...

I´ve been vegetarian for 4,5 years now...though I've tried it before as well. When I was 11. Then I decided to eat a whole pineapple for dinner without knowing that I was pineapple acid - intolerant :S

my parents, who were cool in the beginning, obviously, didn't allow me to continue my diet after I vomited my dinner and fainted (they took it as protein shortage)

I agree with J... vegetarians sometimes don't even realize what the animals have to go through for them (vegetarians) to have a cheese sandwich or a yoghurt shake. But I support private farms as well! In India, for example, families that have cows treat them (cows) as their family members! It's so incredibly sweet to see how in a village an old lady takes her cow to the well, fills up the bucket to let her cow drink...

I am not so fond of dairy products...I can live without them and feel fine. I would be totally happy to be raw (tried it a couple of times) but it's difficult (for me) to maintain.

Right now I am 95% vegan. It's easy especially in the city and frees you from mental trips ;)

still no camera...

I made two amazing preps today and even got a friend's camera but...the battery of the camera died...well..what can I say..no luck =)

As for the recipes, I made:

Sweet Pumpkin Zucchini Cream Soup
Ingredients: Pumpkin (any, I used the Fairytale one), zucchini
Soy milk/cream
Spices: cumin, ginger, garam masala

Bringl a little water (like 1/2 glass or so..) to boil in a deep pot. Add cumin, then ginger, then garam. Then add chopped pumpin and zucchini. Boil until the veggies can be mashed and then...mash them =)!* Then add soy milk (something like 2/3 glass), boil and let it cool down a bit. enjoy!

* I don't have any mixer, blender, potato masher, anything! (cause I've just moved to Barcelona and don't have much kitchen apparel yet) so, I've just mashed everything with a stirring spoon ;)

Stir-fry of Chickpeas, Green Celery & Brussel Sprouts
Ingredients: Chickpeas (soaked overnight, boiled in salted water for about 2 hours), celery (cut diagonally like "feathers"), Brussels sprouts (steamed a little and cut in halves)
Spices: fresh green chilly, ground coriander, red chilly powder, pepper
Optional: miso paste 

Fry fresh chilly in a little oil (I used olive oil cause I don´t have any other ;p), then add ground coriander and stir-fry for 2 seconds or so, then add red chilly and chickpeas. Stir-fry until chickpeas become slightly golden. Then add celery and sprouts, stir-fry enthusiastically for 3 minutes or so, add salt and pepper and voila!! you have a simply delicious dish, which I´ve served with bollos (Colombian maize sort of dumplings).

And I SWEAR it looked pretty as well!!! Really have to do something about the camera...

Since I don´t have anything to show but I have to illustrate this blog (so that it looks more appealing) I´m gonna show you what kind of a treat you can have at Gopal (Barcelona) =) Delicious!

fasting day

while everyone's feasting on vegan yummies I'm fasting ... to be able to do Vegan MoFo more healthy starting from tomorrow ;)

World Vegan Day!

So, VeganMOFO (Vegan Month of Food!) it be!

at Gopal (best Vegan place in Barcelona) we celebrated with a sumptuous Maxi Gopal burger and a mmmmmmm vegan carrot cake!!

and at home we celebrated with The Ultimate Autumn Stew:

kidney beans (soaked, then boiled until soft)
sweet potato
bok choy

spices: ginger+a bit of cumin seeds+anis seeds+ground coriander seeds+chilly

I fried cumin, anis seeds and ginger. Then fried a bit coriander and added chunked up sweet potato. Then added beans, stir-fried for a minute or so. Then added carrot and celery (both cut diagonally), stir-fried a bit. Then added water that the beans were cooked in (nice dark red bouillon) to the veggies and let cook for 5-10 minutes...then add chopped bok choy, add salt, pepper, stir and switch off the gas/stove! let it sit for a bit and then...enjoy!!!!! =D

wish I could find my camera to take a picture of my simply delicious masterpiece....Jay believes that the camera's stolen :s I don't give up hope and wish the next post will be illustrated with mouth-watering pictures!

Barcelona = vegetarian capital!!!

Moved to Barcelona about a month ago. It's an intense city to be live in BUT SO INSPIRATIONAL!

There are 15 vegetarian restaurants listed in Yellow Pages and I know at least (!) 5 more that are not listed!!!! hard to stay slim when you can get vegan muffins, croissants and  burgers ;) !!!